Furniture for new home

You've spotted a beautiful appartment for sale and without hesitation you've bought it.

The time has come for you to move into your new flat, and you are asking yourself the question "what furniture should I buy?".

A good bed

A good bed is the guarantee of a good night's sleep, which is necessary after a move. Well rested, without the aches and pains caused by an uncomfortable mattress, you can continue to unpack your boxes and tackle your to-do list. You don't need the bed of your dreams or the perfect headboard on the day of your move, but the mattress is indispensable. The rest of your decor can wait until you settle in and figure out how to make the best use of your space.

An armchair

Your chair may not be covered with the most beautiful fabric or it may even be downright ugly. But it's always useful to have a good chair, with a blanket on it if necessary, to snuggle up in and drink tea, read a book or seat your guests. The advantage of the chair is that you can easily move it from one room to another if necessary. You will have an extra seat at the table or a good place to read in your room. Armchairs are an essential part of a home's furnishings and offer many possibilities.

Some good lamps

You may not have the ideal lamps for your needs (on a desk, a table, near the bed, etc.), but they are surely better than nothing at all. At the very least, you'll need a few table lamps and perhaps a floor lamp to light up your new living space. A visit to your used goods centre may allow you to find a few while you find exactly what you need.

A dining table

As with lamps, an old table will do as long as you can sit comfortably on it (with room for your legs). You can use it as a kitchen table or a desk (or both!). Recycling an old table from your parents or from a garage sale is a great way to get by until you finally invest in the dining room table and desk you need.

Dining room chairs

Whether they are made of wood and painted in bright colours or folding, you need chairs to sit at the table or work at your desk. A nice collection of miscellaneous chairs can be used in many different ways around the house and when you have many guests.

A quality sofa

The sofa is a must-have, of course, but can wait if you don't have one yet. Unless you find a second-hand sofa or come across a real bargain, you will want to save up for a quality sofa. A quality sofa is an investment in any home, whether you stay in one place or move. It's worth waiting six to eight weeks for your quality sofa to be made locally, using fabrics you've chosen to suit your lifestyle, depending on the dimensions your space requires. So, yes, a sofa is essential for your new home - but you can wait and treat yourself to quality.

A coffee table for the living room

You need a place to put your cup of tea, a place to put your feet up while you're listening to the gushing Netflix broadcasts and this table doesn't have to be fancy. You can easily find one in a used furniture shop or at garage sales. Repaint it in a nice bright colour or replace the legs to change its height. It's a fun way to add personality and functionality to your new space without breaking the bank.

A chest of drawers

A clean and organised space is immediately more welcoming; the chest of drawers can help you get there in the bedroom or elsewhere in the house. When I moved into my very first flat, I brought with me the dresser from my childhood. It has been repainted in cream white and is now used to store the sheets in the guest room. Chests of drawers can have many uses - for clothes, linens, supplies in a shed or workshop; they are always useful - and in a move to a new home, they are essential.


A bookcase, shelf and cupboard are handy when you move into your first home. You'll need space to display and store some of your favourite items such as photos, books and decorating accessories.

A rug

The room will look warmer with the addition of a carpet, which will unify the decor. A large carpet harmonizes the whole room and cuts the cold off the floor, instantly making you want to stay there a little longer. Choose one in your favourite colours to brighten up your decor, especially if it's a rented flat where you can't change the colour of the walls.

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