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The Swedish furniture giant has announced the introduction of a new and innovative used furniture buy-back service for its customers, an initiative that should reduce the company’s carbon footprint.

With one billion visitors and $40 billion in sales last year, Swedish giant Ikea is a constant presence in our lives, yet it is a constant source of criticism from environmental groups who accuse the Swedish company of gradually draining the world’s wood supply and constantly increasing its carbon footprint.To remedy this thorny problem, Ikea has launched a surprising initiative, as reported by our colleagues at RTL, and has announced the establishment of a recycling and “upcycling” service for its second-hand furniture.

In concrete terms, customers will be able to bring back their old used cupboards directly and in return obtain an Ikea gift voucher for a variable amount (between 30% and 50% of the price of the new piece of furniture, specifies the company) to be used for their next purchases. However, it is important to note that the furniture must be completely dismantled and that no parts are missing. Once the furniture is recovered by Ikea, it will then be resold, offered to associations or recycled according to its condition.This seems to be a good way for the company to gain a new potential clientele through the second-hand market, while reducing its carbon impact by adopting a circular economy system, which is increasingly popular among so-called fast consumer brands.Ikea, like H&M and Adidas, for example, has committed to being fully circular by 2030. Meanwhile, the furniture leader promises to set up an upcycling and recycling stand in each of its 422 stores by 2021. It remains to be seen whether or not this initiative will be followed by the Swedish giant’s customers.

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